Established in Mali since 1998, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) works alongside the Malian Government to meet the needs of the most vulnerable populations and the challenges of migration, such as forced migration, irregular migration, human trafficking, etc.

To do this, IOM provides the Malian government with technical and institutional expertise in various migration-related areas. Following the 2012 crisis, it significantly increased its activities.

The Organization has a national office in Bamako as well as four sub-offices in Timbuktu, Kayes, Gao and Mopti where most of its rehabilitation, community stabilization, health and protection assistance activities are carried out.  

Through the implementation of various projects in the country, IOM is providing humanitarian assistance to international migrants and internally displaced persons (IDPs).






Facts and Figures
  • 9,995
  • 19.1 Million
  • USD Over 1 billion
  • USD 934
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