Strengthening bilateral cooperation: Malian, Mauritanian border police officers train together

10 June 2016

This week, IOM started a joint training session for Malian and Mauritanian border police officers. A 10-day workshop is taking place in Sélibaby, southern Mauritania. The training follows previous workshops in Bamako, Mali and Ayoûn el-Atroûs, Mauritania earlier this year.

The training, funded by the Government of Japan, provides police officers with essential border control competencies, including travel document examination and interviewing. Trainees also learn specific skills needed to conduct interviews with victims of trafficking, while respecting their need for sensitivity, confidentiality and non-discrimination.

Bringing together police officials from both sides of the border is a key aspect of the training. In addition to learning new skills and sharing experiences, the participants build mutual trust and contacts that will last for years to come. Malian participants at the Selibaby workshop are from the Kayes region. Working at checkpoints on the Mauritanian border, they benefit from working contacts and better communication with their colleagues just across the frontier.